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Purchase and Sale of Business

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Pacific Legal has assisted clients in purchasing a business or selling a business in all areas of industry and commerce including choosing the proper vehicle and corporate structure for purchasing a business, business assets, and liabilities, ongoing liability to employees or creditors, security for deferred payments, representations and warranties, requirement and transferability of licenses, acquisition financing, Regulatory Compliance, and Licensing. We handle every stage of the transaction including but to limited to letter of intent, due diligence, the final agreement, and closing documents for transactions related to:

  • Retail clothing stores

  • Wholesale distribution businesses and more.

  • Software companies

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Car dealerships

  • Medical clinics and para-medical clinics

  • Real estate brokerages

  • Businesses in the aviation, nautical, and mining sectors

  • Yoga studios

  • Housing businesses

  • Various food franchises

  • Investment businesses

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